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maxis Coat - WPC Renew

A product developed by cutting edge technology in leading one-component polyurethane formulas used as waterborne polyurethane, an innovative featuring quality and efficiency in coating wood surfaces and wood plastic composite (WPC) containing wood particles for an excellent coating that is environmentally friendly. This semi-gloss coating is easy to use. Just open it up and you can use it right away, because it is water based formula, it does not require thinning with thinner or turpentine like other oil-based urethanes.

maxis Coat - WPC Renew contains polyurethane content (solid content) at 60%. It is designed for exterior work and helps maintain every type of real and WPC wood surfaces containing wood particles; no irritating odor from the components of evaporating and fire-resistant substances; levels can be adjusted, so the surface is even, smooth and soft; UV resistance to sunlight; and no discoloration. After many years have passed, the surface color will fade with time due to rain and sunlight; the surface can re-coated without any need to sand the old vanish away.

Properties of maxis Coat WPC Renew

1. Good adherence to WPC imitation wood surfaces

2. Helps fill wood splinters.

3. Levels can be adjusted for a smoother, more even surface.

4. You can do the coating yourself without having to rely on an expert technician.

5. UV Protection from sunlight, mold and chemical resistant.

6. No flammable or evaporating substances, and;

7. The film does not peel or flake.


• Superior Durability

• Low Odor

• Fast-Drying

• Easy Water Clean-Up

• Excellent ultraviolet protection

• Protects against rain, sun and wind damage

• Resists abrasion and common household chemicals.


Semi-gloss Matte Finished

Available in 4 colors