maxis BOARD



Advantages :

Advantages Practicality: Maxis Board can be sawed, nailed, and processed into any geometrical shape, complete with all the installation properties of solid wood. Durability: Maxis Board is aging resistant, there is no deformation, no shrinkage, no cracking and it is colour fast Functionality: Maxis Board is insect resistant, acid and alkali-resistant, anti-corrosive, has good sound insulation, is moisture proof, water resistant, has good stability and is weather resistant. Cost effectiveness: Maxis Board produces a smooth finish to the surface of the concrete thus plasterwork is not necessary nor is a mold release agent required. Compared to conventional formwork there is a saving in time and labour - and Maxis board can be re-used more than 25 times! An environmentally friendly product: Maxis Board replaces conventional materials such as steel and wooden formwork (plywood, etc), furthermore off- cuts are not wasted. Maxis Wood are