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Maxiswood is an innovative wood substitute manufactured with modern technology that does not damage the environment, so you can live as naturally as possible with colors, patterns and properties that resist weather conditions without brittleness, de-lamination or deformation. So, termite and other insect problems are history. Maxiswood is light weight and easy to modify, attach and install with ordinary tools. It’s perfect for decorative work, ceilings, walls and battening inside and out. Maxiswood is also flame resistant, factory painted and comes in 9 colors to choose from.

SOFFIT that the most easy to install

Maxis SOFFIT is designed for easy installation made fast with a systematic approach for hiding screw heads with equipment for finishing 45-degree corners or finishing work on eaves and building walls. Maxis SOFFIT can also be used with ordinary c-line ceiling structures and weighs only 4 kilograms per square meter.


All products are made-to-order with a minimum orders of 300meters or 50sqm. & up.

Cutting lengths = 1.00 to 5.80 meters.

Prices are subject to change based on materials costs and due to currency fluctuation.

The above prices do not include VAT, installation, installation equipment, structure, etc...

The above prices do not include anti-UV coating for exterior use.

Shades may differ with each production lot, ordering sufficient quantities is recommended.

Additional 25,000 baht for customized color.

3 years warranty under the company's terms and condition.


Sample of wood shades

Available in 9 colors

Colors samples are close to the real material. Actual products may differ in color and pattern.

Premium Oak


Dark Pine












Weather Wood